Nine Lives Vol 2 Project Is Open on MSR

Nine Lives – A Musical Adaptation Vol 1 has been released – and performed – to overwhelmingly positive press and interest. But the vision is not complete. The 14 or so remaining songs for Nine Lives, A Musical Adaptation need to be recorded and produced.

The tentative plan is to go back into the studio in January to record the final selection of songs to complete the work. Nine Lives – A Musical Adaption Vol 2 is planned for release in time for Jazz Fest 2012. To that end, we are looking for sponsors to make this a reality.

There are six levels of sponsorship with benefits, detailed here. A list of tentative tracks is also included. You can be a part of this amazing project by choosing one of the levels below to contribute to the fund* to complete the second phase of Colman & Paul’s vision.

*This Mystery Street Records project uses sponsorship as a way to raise funds. Contributions will not be paid back to sponsors.

Sponsorship Levels
Executive Producer  ($5,000)
Associate Producer  ($2,500)
Song Sponsor  ($1,000)
Friend of Nine Lives  ($100)
Nine Lives Supporter I  ($50)
Nine Lives Supporter II  ($25)

Click over to the Mystery Street Records site to make your contribution.

Email Chris Joseph for more information or discuss other ways to help move this project along.

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