Pics From the Studio 12/19-12/25

Paul, Colman, HBO Treme's Wendell Pierce and John Boutté pose during the recording session

Mayor Landrieu adds his vocals to the finale

Colman and Lillian Boutté

Wendell Pierce and John Boutté share a little down time

Paul and Colman pose with the legendary Allen Toussaint

Chris Joseph and Mayor Landrieu

Reports from the studio:

Ken Cryer (Threadhead visitor) (Wednesday) – Sooooo since I missed the session last week, I decided to stop by yesterday again and see some of the process. Boy, did I make a good call there. It was royalty day at Piety and I arrived about 15 minutes before Sir Toussaint and Mayor Landrieu! Artists already in there were Lillian and Tanya Boutté and Michael Cerveris, with Tanya recording. Allen arrived and went right to work, nailing it in the first pass then asking for a perfection 2nd go. Then Mitch went in and really surprised me with some genuine pipes! Lillian went to work with some very sassy parts followed by Debbie Davis’ mom and dad doing work on a song about the uptown ‘Rex’ Mardi Gras. Paul and Coleman are doing some very special things down on Piety Street and seem beside themselves, complete with perma-grins. High praise from Allen also who told Paul he felt that this was a very important project.. what a day!!

Chris Joseph, THR/MSR Head Honcho (Thursday): At Piety today (so far)…..Spencer Bohren, John Boutté, Anders Osborne…..Craft Brothers later today, and then Davis Rogan. My mind is blown. I can’t remember when I’ve had this much fun.

Wendell Pierce was here at noon yesterday….and aced his song. And what a gracious, nice man. When Mitch and Allen walked in at the same time yesterday, the room changed from amazing to UNBELIEVABLE.

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