Pics from the Studio – Week of 12/12-12/18

John Boutté adds vocals and piano on the opening number

Paul & Colman celebrate success on one of the tracks

Broadway star Michael Cerveris lays down vocals on one of the John/JoAnn tracks

Margie Perez, Debbie Davis and Shoeless Pashley work on background vocals

John Boutté listens to playback

Jesse Moore discusses his part on one of the tracks

Paul Sanchez, Michael Cerveris and Rick Duplantier

JoAnn Guidos & Michael Cerveris at Piety

Detroit Brooks during recording session

Colman's permagrin

Althelgra Neville of the Dixie Cups lays down some vocals

Reports from the Studio:

Ken Cryer (Threadhead visitor) (Wednesday): So enjoyed stopping by the studio late afternoon Wednesday. I missed any recording but got to hear some amazing playbacks and getting to meet JoAnn [Guidos] and Michael [Cerveris], knowing that he would be playing her part was a real treat! Also seeing Chris, Paul n Shelly and Coleman downright giddy about the developing project was a delight. We hung out late and ate a sumptuous meal which included a plethora of wines, mushroom soup, grits n grillades and some delightful stories. Got to meet Mem whom I’ve long admired, then off to JoAnn’s Kajuns bar for a lil slice of NOLA and flipping through some Katrina photo books on the pool table. Oh! And karaoke!! Check out Shoeless with JoAnn to his right, Michael to his left and Coleman behind…

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